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Implement changes correctly.

There are many change management approaches and some of the concepts are a bit too academic these days. What is important when a company decides to embark on new paths and directions in the long term? Concentration on the essentials - how do you manage to convince employees that new, different and alternative orientations are important and right! Change projects are usually the result of significant strategic realignments and it is not enough to simply announce them. The strategic change leads to a far-reaching transformation for the entire company and all employees. 


External impulses broaden the horizon.

Everyone knows how important the right marketing and sales concepts are. Sales often stagnate, even though the product or service is top in terms of quality and price. Sometimes it's just small changes that lead to success again, which the employees and managers don't recognize due to the internally caused "operational blindness". External analyzes and an outside perspective can work small miracles here. Many companies, even in traditional industries, still underestimate the incredible impact of social media marketing activities. This is not only an issue for young start-ups.


When things aren't going so well.

The past few years have been challenging, whether it be the painful aftermath of the last pandemic or the ongoing tense overall economic situation that has caused turbulence in your cost structure? The shortage of skilled workers, the reduced demand and/or purchasing power or the increased prices for raw materials and services - all of this can lead to having to initiate a sustainable consolidation process, which we would be happy to work out and accompany with you.


Rent a CXO

Management on time. I am happy to take over the lead of a department, line or company on an interim basis and help to solve problems and tasks until a new, stable company management is established. Whether crisis management, restructuring, consolidation or bridging vacancies - I offer my many years of experience as a board member, managing director and department head flexibly and efficiently.


Protect the investment

The number one cause for the failure of an acquisition is still unprofessional or non-existent post-merger integration processes. Protect your investment by giving the high sensitive M&A phase the necessary attention and let me support you. An experienced, external integrator can make completely unbiased and objective decisions about preprogrammed conflicts when merging two or more companies, as well as the often very political decisions when choosing the better people. Ideally, the preparation for the integration already begins during the due diligence in order to be able to start as efficiently as possible and immediately after the closing.  


Assistance in the implementation and renovation of gastro & food retailing concepts

It has been proven to be one of the toughest industries and yet the fascination of "being a host" and the idea of having your own restaurant never lets you go. From my own experience, I know which mistakes should be avoided during implementation and how to get from an idea to a functioning gastronomy concept without having to pay too much a lesson. From assistance in creating a sustainable business plan to the possibilities of subsidies to the attractive appearance of the service are offered here. As the owner of a wineshop with small catering, I am also happy to share my experiences in food retail from the concept development to sustainable renovation activities.

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